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our story

After years of growing in shared spaces, borrowed back yards, and tiny raised beds, we finally bought land of our own in the spring of 2018. We’re a stone’s throw from the Abbaggadassett River in Bowdoinham where we’re surrounded by tidal waters, open fields, and an incredible agricultural community.

Lily is a lifelong Mainer with a passion for all things that grow. As a child, she was a constant shadow to her mother in the garden, developing a fascination with plants and a comfort in the cyclical nature that the seasons provide. She has 12 years of professional farming, gardening, and floral design experience, a degree in horticulture and is a graduate of MOFGA’s Journeyperson program. In addition to the farm, she also serves as a coordinator for Peary’s Community Garden in Bowdoinham and for the local food pantry.

Brendan grew up in New York state and the mountains of Vermont before making his way to Maine. He is a documentary photographer and lovingly helps capture the beauty of the farm and our blooms from season to season. He’s the creative director behind a lot of our projects, and also happens to shoot weddings in the summer— check out his website!

Byrd was born in 2017 and we’re quite sure he’ll stop eating dirt and be helpful in the garden…someday.

our philosophy

Our gardens are hand-scale and we use no-till methods to manage our permanent raised beds. We are committed to keeping our soil healthy and serving as stewards to the land we call home. Our gardens are full of as many native and perennial plants as possible, and we seek to minimize our impact on the land as best we can. Though not certified, we use organic practices in all that we do.

At the heart of it all, we know that flowers are a simple and effective way to help people get excited about the natural world. We hope to help plant that seed for you in any way we can.

why Annandale?

Annandale was the name of the farm Lily’s maternal grandparents owned in eastern Massachusetts, where her mother spent a happy childhood romping through fields, chasing sheep and adventuring with her family. It was named for the ancestral home of their family in England, and we’re hopeful that our Annandale in Bowdoinham can provide an equally peaceful home for our family.

Lily, Brendan + Byrd
Bowdoinham, Maine